Museums for you to visit in Romagna

Mosaics and castles: museums for you to visit in Romagna

There is plenty of museums deserving a visit in Romagna: delve into the colors of the Ravenna mosaic, let yourself be told about the legends of the castles and enjoy a world of fairytales and knights with your kids.

Arts at the seaside

Between ancient and modern monuments

The maritime cities of Romagna have been rich at art ever since the time of the Romans. The ancient monuments of Ravenna keep the shining colors of the mosaics, able to enchant the visitors of all times. Mosaics are the symbol of the city; you can take a close look at them at the TAMO Museum, or at the Domus of the Stone Carpets: a 5th Century home decorated with human figures, animals and geometric motives. In Rimini you will come across the arch of Augustus and the bridge of Tiberius, splendid in their simplicity, while the Domus of the Surgeon awaits you to let you discover the life of a physician of the 2th Century. You should not miss the San Domenico Museums of Forlì either, that attracts thousands visitors every year thanks to exhibits devoted to past and present artists.

castello-di-longiano - musei da visitare in romagna
casa_pascoli - musei da visitare in romagna
Rocca_di_Montefiore_Conca - musei da visitare in romagna

Castle of Longiano
It is a fortress looking out to the Rubicon valley, thanks to which the Malatestas protected their territories. Today it hosts an original contemporary art collection: you will find works by Italian artists, but also carvings by Goya and Chagall.

Writers’ House Museum.
Romagna is a land of writers and poets: Giovanni Pascoli, Marino Moretti, Vincenzo Monti… in their homes you will find the original furniture, besides items and documents, which will get you to know the artists’ personalities first hand.

Fortress of Montefiore Conca
Besides the typical guided tours at the castle, you can also join some costume pathways. You will discover many different features of the life in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, between the intrigues of the Malatestas and mysterious legends.

Kids at the museum

In Romagna there are plenty of museums suitable for the youngest kids, between woods and castles. The fortress of Sant’Agata Feltria hosts items and characters of the most beloved fairytales, in a pathway, which will take you from Cinderella to the Little Prince, from Bluebeard to Hansel and Gretel. At the castle of Riolo instead there is a museum dedicated to the Middle Ages: you will hold the knights’ weapons in your hands, admire their coats and explore the territory with a special 3D viewer. Unforgettable is then the Hydro-Museum of Ridracoli, for the kids who enjoy playing in the open air and for those who fancy an excurtion to the lake.

Romagna Air Finders

The association deals with retrieving airplanes that were dispersed during World War II. The souvenirs are shown in a small museums, where you can delve into the memories and the tales of the pilots, who have fought during the conflict.

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