Seaside villages and cities

Seaside villages and cities in Romagna

Maritime cities in Romagna are rich at enchanting views: small havens, ancient monuments, old fishermen villages… Let yourself be enchanted by their colors, between the beach and the historical center.

From the mosaics of Ravenna to Fellini

From the past to the present

The most ancient maritime cities are Rimini and Ravenna, inhabited ever since the Romans conquered this region. The importance of the two cities grew gradually, as they were enriched with monuments and artwork. The arch of Augustus and the bridge of Tiberius are still the symbols of Rimini, with their solemn simplicity. The beauty of the Ravenna mosaics has enchanted all time visitors, charmed by the splendor of their colorful tiles.
Both cities have kept vivacious over time, turning into places where tradition and creativity are interwoven. One of the best-loved Rimini characters is film director Federico Felllini, to whom the graffitis of Borgo San Giuliano are dedicated: his movies tell about the many facets of a city looking out to the sea.

saline cervia ridim - borghi e città di mare in romagna
san giuliano-box2_borghi e città di mare in romagna
Sant'Apollinare_in_Classe,_Ravenna_parag1-borghi e città di mare in romagna

The Cervia salt flats

A few kilometers far from downtown, the salt flats keep the most ancient village tradition. In the Salina Camillone, salt was still harvested by hand; an excursion on foot or by boa will unveil the secrets of a charming environment for you.

Borgo San Giuliano

It is the ancient fishermen’s neighborhood of Rimini, today one of the best-loved meeting places in town. Houses are decorated with the graffitis dedicated to Fellini’s movies; pubs and restaurants look out on the streets and the small squares.

Parco Archeologico di Classe

At the time of Emperor Augustus, Classe was an important military port. The Park extends itself around the basilica of Sant’Apollinare; multimedia pathways and tools will enable visitors to delve into the historical atmosphere.

Maritime villages

Small villages look out to the sea, as well, allowing you to breath the perfume of salt at every corner. Cervia is gathered around its canal port, rich at ancient buildings: once upon a time the city life revolved around the harvest and the preservation of salt, between the city center and the salt flats. The port of Cesenatico can boast an illustrious origin: it was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, when he worked as Cesare Borgia’s military engineer. Today both cities attract a lot of tourists every Summer, but still keep their ancient soul at the village core.

Fiorenzuola di Focara

Quoted even by Dante in his Divine Comedy, it is a Medieval village high on the sea. From the village some pathways branch out, which connect it to a small pure beach, very different from the crowded beaches of the Riviera.

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